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  • Bluetooth Hello Glove

Bluetooth Hello Glove


  • 1)Built-in high-performance polymer battery,Capacity:160MAH.Continuous use time:15 hours.
    2)Give you one warm call,in the cold weather for hand to provide warmth, and also through Bluetooth phone. 
    3)Bluetooth  built into the left side of the Hello Glove, the Hello Glove can be operated electrically conductive fiber intelligent mobile phone touch screen
    4)Charge: micro-USB      Recharge time:1hour
    5)Note: only the dry cleaning, read all instructions before use 
    6)Two keys, an answer, a startup, shutdown,The first is needed when using mobile phone with paired, after the open mobile phone Bluetooth and gloves off key automatically after connecting 
    7)If have one celphone call,  the Hello Gloves will shake, inform you answer the phone, Bluetooth and mobile phone connection will shake one times, notice your Bluetooth has Unicom

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